The Direct Link Between dental Health and General Health

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Each and every day you brush and floss (I hope!), protecting the mouth of yours from cavities & maintaining those pearly whites sparkling. By taking care of your dental health, you're protecting the overall health of yours, also. From my practice, that's a mantra we chant every day.
There's an immediate link between dental health and common health. You will probably be surprised to learn how poor oral hygiene can affect various other parts of the body of yours. Bacteria - bad and good - lives in the mouth of yours. Daily brushing, flossing, probiotic supplement acid reflux, Read Webpage, and therefore regular teeth cleaning at the dentist of yours will keep it under control. However, if your dental hygiene is lacking, the bad bacteria can grow and cause dental infections as well as gum disease.
And regrettably, it does not end there.
Individuals who suffer from gingivitis and gum disease regularly bleed from the gums of theirs. Because there are exposed openings in your mouth, it's easy for the bad bacteria to get into the bloodstream of yours, causing potentially serious health concerns.

Research shows that bad dental health is able to contribute to the following diseases and health conditions:


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